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Unlike “trendy” luggable coolers and drink tumblers, Airwirl products are a 4 Season retail inventory item... just like cell phones. However, Airwirl market opportunities extend well beyond as Airwirl’s “first to market” technologies enable broad scale retail distribution in several different, “multi-segment” retail avenues, such as “golf courses, theme parks, multiple sport stadiums for both warm and cold climate events, concerts, gender-targeted specialty stores such as golf, yoga studios to workout apparel outlets, to big box stores, and a broad spectrum of online distribution channels.


These problem-solving technologies are perfect for spontaneous “point of purchase” retail sales locations that are forever searching for “something new to sell” and make their customers “extraordinarily happy”.


Airwirl will become “the next big thing” retail has been searching for to help drive exponential sales growth for years to come. Few new products are as well positioned for “spontaneous” and “got have it now” purchases like Airwirl.


When people are “overheated” or just “chilled to the bone” ... nothing is more powerful than “a remedy for” instant temperature relief. This includes individuals seeking immediate, non-medical relief from frequent hot flashes, sports activity rapid cool-down, or simply anytime relief from the heat. Airwirl has just invented not only a “category killer”, but a brand-new market segment.


Same goes for those customers subject to seasonal “outdoor and indoor” allergies, where such consumers are constantly seeking “an immediate” breath of fresh air. Can you imagine clean, fresh, temperature controlled filtered air you take with you, anywhere, anytime?


We cover an unlimited, 4-season “global” customer base with a combination of 1st to market patent-pending products, including personal cooling and heating, personal air purification and advanced beverage hydration solutions.


Airwirl will change how people manage their daily “personal temperature” challenges at work, at home or for play. Whether in the kitchen, camping, hiking, at the beach, tennis or golf club, or just out for a walk with the family, Airwirl is the only hand-held “go everywhere” solution that answers the need for “instant temperature relief”, personal air purification or best in the industry hydration solutions to help keep people comfortable and happy, all day inside or out.



Airwirl’s platform technology is the world’s first, and only hand-held Personal Cooling and Heating System that literally changes the ambient air temperature from “Hot Air to Cool” and from “Cold Air to Warm” for instant personal temperature relief. And soon, available with a replaceable (3 month) Air Purification Filter that provides another point of purchase solution for seasonal sales. Coupled with our perfectly sized AirWarmers™ brand Exothermic Heat Pods, Airwirl now offers our discriminating vendors the ultimate in “what’s new” product offerings, for all 4, consumer buying seasons.


The company is also set to launch an “all new” Hydration Tumbler Lid platform for its 28oz. vacuum insulated; powder coated tumbler. The new Airwirl HTL 28 offers superior beverage temperature preservation for both hot and cold beverages, as well as the ultimate in true BPA-free material safety and user convenience. Preliminary outdoor testing in blazing hot Florida sunshine has shown the Airwirl Hydration Tumbler Lid outperforms “every” major tumbler brand tested.


We call these personal temperature preservation and air purification products a “category killer” market opportunity for our retail partners. All of Airwirl’s thermal energy innovations are covered by one or more patent pending utility, method and design patents around the globe. Technology proudly pioneered, engineered and serviced in the USA.


Simply Beyond Cool.


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