1. Requires (3) AA batteries installed as shown (not included). For best results install new, high-performance disposable lithium or alkaline AA batteries. DO NOT mix battery types.

2. For external battery use or plug-in power, connect a micro-USB power cord (not included). Use of power cord does not charge reusable batteries.

3. For Cool Air, remove lid and add 2 cups of ice cubes (maximum). Replace lid, tighten and activate air flow. Remove excess ice if lid does not tighten properly. For best results remove lid, pour out melted ice water and replace ice often, or as needed.

4. For Warm Air, remove lid and add 3-4 (maximum) air-activated warmers. For best results briefly shake each air activated warmer prior to placement inside the Airwirl. Replace lid, tighten and allow 30-60 min. prior to use for heat activation, 60-90 minutes for ideal heat performance. Use “low” fan speed for warm air.

5. Push button once to activate “high speed” air flow. Push again for “low speed”. Push 3rd time to turn system off.

6. Auto shut-off timer turns unit off after 20 min. Simply push button to reactivate air flow (20 min.)

7. Use enclosed jet nozzle or extendable air tube for hands-free desktop, backpack or cup holder use.

How it works: The facts behind powering thermal energy from a cup of ice

As ice melts, cold thermal energy is released. Hence, when a small amount of ice melts inside a double wall vacuum insulated container, hot air can be modified to a colder temperature in a small chilled space, before it is returned as “ice cool air”.

Same goes for heat generated by an exothermic heat source when it’s cold, as “heat energy” is created during an oxidative chemical reaction to ambient temperature air. Airwirl is especially useful when you’re chilled and need to warm up fast on the go, at a stadium event, at work or play. 

Hence the power of cooling or warming with the help of Airwirl’s novel insulated turbine fan system.  When thermal energy is released by melting ice or oxidative heat packs, the portable hand-held Airwirl delivers refreshing ice cool air or warm air to nearby body areas as the “thermal energy” slowly depletes. 

Unlike personal fans which simply move the same temperature air around you,  Airwirl efficiently converts thermal energy released from “melting ice” to a blast of ice cool air as it releases “all of” its thermal cold energy. When ice becomes fully melted, it’s easy to refresh your Airwirl simply pouring out the water and adding 2 cups of ice. In a matter of “seconds” you can enjoy that refreshing “ahh feeling” once again. 

When the Airwirl PCH-28 system is used indoors to cool in ambient temperatures between 72-78 degrees, cool air performance can range from 40-60 minutes between ice refill, depending upon the fan speed setting, use in shade vs direct sunlight. 

For outdoor use where more humid, hotter air temperatures cause ice to melt much faster, especially in direct sun vs shade, multiple ice refills are required for continuous cool air results. Cold air duration can range from 20-30 minutes in hot 90+ degree heat, and up to 30-40 minutes in 80+ degree temperatures before ice exchange is required. The 20 minute auto shut-off feature makes it easy to know when its time to refill your Airwirl, for another blast of ice cool air.

Exchanging melted ice water with fresh ice is quick and easy. Simply remove the lid, pour out the melted ice water, and add 2 cups of ice. The whole process of ice exchange takes less than “10 seconds” and the Airwirl is back delivering satisfying cool air to your face, neck or body area needing instant relief. No other portable hand-held AC system delivers the kind of “on demand” temperature relief than Airwirl’s patent pending thermal conversion system. The fully insulated “turbine fan lid” and vacuum insulated container will effectively “preserve the ice” for several hours before it’s ready to be turned on. 

Whatever the ambient temperature, whether indoors or out, simply plan for ice exchange to extend your desired cooling result. Without thermal energy release from melting ice, your “go anywhere” personal AC system can’t deliver the kind instant “cool air relief” you deserve without it. 

The Airwirl personal Cooling and Heating innovation makes it easy to harness the power of a “small amount ice” to help cool those personal body areas that need instant temperature relief... whether on the go, at home, at work or play. When used as directed, it’s Beyond Cool.