1.  For best power performance, connect a micro-USB power cord (not included). Use of power cord with this device does not charge reusable batteries.


2.  For best battery results, install new, high-performance disposable lithium or alkaline batteries.


3.  Remove excess ice if the lid does not tighten properly.


4.  For best Cool Air results, turn system off, remove lid and pour out melted ice water. Replace ice often or as needed.


5.  For Warm Air, remove lid and add 3-4 (maximum) air-activated warmers.  For best results briefly shake each air activated warmer prior to placement inside the Airwirl. Replace lid, tighten and allow 30-60 min. prior to use for heat activation, 60-90 minutes for ideal heat performance.


6.  For best warm air results, operate airflow on the low fan speed setting only. When activated warmers start to lose warm temperature, remove warmers, shake and reinstall by flipping their direction every 20 minutes until they are no longer generating heat.


7.  Immediately following air activated warmer use with this device, wash or rinse off and dry the inside surfaces of the container to avoid oxidative material from depositing. Due to the oxidative nature of air-activated warmers, the moisture generated inside the metal container may discolor the inside surfaces if left to dry. To help avoid this oxidative material from adhering, hand wash the inside surfaces with dish detergent and wipe dry.


8.  To wash and clean the lid, do not submerge under running water, use a dry or damp cloth only. Wipe dry prior to reuse.


9.  Replace AA batteries with fresh, same type batteries when air flow becomes slow and batteries need to be changed. DO NOT mix different type or mix new with older batteries as the length of time and air flow performance may be compromised.


10.  For best results, it is recommended to place the device nearby the user in an upright position. DO NOT place air flow or jet nozzle directly into the eyes, mouth or ears as personal injury may result. (See Warnings and Cautions).


11.  For more convenient hands-free desktop use or to direct airflow remotely, attach the jet nozzle or extendable air tube provided.