Beat The Heat With Airwirl

Nothing beats a refreshing wisp of “ice cool air” when you are hot and uncomfortable.  Airwirl makes it happen…anywhere, anytime with its personal size cooling and heating system.

Comfort And Joy

Airwirl is the world’s first self-contained, temperature relief device engineered into a convenient hand-held, “go anywhere” size.  Unlike battery operated fans, misters or evaporative towels, Airwirl actually changes warm ambient air temperatures into ice cold air with just 2 cups of ice.  On colder days, Airwirl will deliver cozy warm air by use of 3-4 “air-activated” heat pods.

Instant Temperature Relief…Anywhere, Anytime!

On-the-go or at home dealing with a hot flash, or looking for relief from that extra hot or cold day on the job, golf course, camping, or special stadium or tailgate event, or just looking for some instant temperature relief at a theme park, on a plane or car ride…Only Airwirl lets you get comfortable with its convenient hand-held heating and cooling system.

Create Your Own Breeze

Airwirl’s ultra-quiet turbine fan with the jet nozzle lets you create your own breeze, with or without ice, to help stay comfortable on the go, on the job, at home or for play. 

Airwirl Personal Cooling System

Perfect For Bedtime, Stroller or Desktop Use

The 20-minute auto shut-off feature is also perfect for bedside, desktop, stroller, and golf cart use to maximize thermal energy performance. Just push the power button once for high speed, push it a second time for low speed, a third time to turn the system off. The 20-minute auto shut-off works for both high and low speeds. 

  • 12MPH airflow with Jet Nozzle

  • Only uses 1-2 cups of ice

  • Blows 50-60 degrees within seconds

  • In 70 degrees, lasts approximately 40-50 minutes!

  • In 80 degrees, lasts approximately 30-40 minutes!

  • In 90 degrees, lasts approximately 20-30 minutes!

  • Takes 10 seconds to change fresh ice!

  • Best results within 16 inches and intermittent use! 

USD $129.98

6 colors Available

Compact, Easy To Carry Design

Airwirl’s compact size, is ideal for family outings, on the job, golf, camping, hiking, theme parks, and perfect for stadium tailgating events.

The "go anywhere" cool-down or warm-up companion for work, play or home.



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